Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lindsay Lohan on 'Saturday Night Live": A comeback but not like the one in 2004

Lindsay Lohan hosted “Saturday Night Live” as a hopeful comeback last night turns to be a disheartening stumble. The appearance this time is quite unexpected than she first appeared on the show in 2004. The 25-year-old actress tried to kick-start her comeback after struggles with alcohol, the law and various parked cars. Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Leonard Grossman says her appearance shows Lohan hasn’t worn her scandal-scarred past very well.

Lohan’s dependency on cue cards became excruciatingly clear during a long soliloquy.) A visiting Jon Hamm was officially named the night’s back-up host, and the Mad Men star arguably got a bigger laugh for his brief appearance as Snooki’s baby daddy than Lohan got all night.

“The lips are overdone,” Grossman said, comparing a photo taken of Lohan last month with another from eight years ago. In the early photo, Grossman said, “her lips look more natural. . Now she looks used and abused. Grossman added that Lohan’s face “looks like a dead fish. It doesn’t look appetizing at all. “She has vertical lines of the upper lip, and that’s typical of a heavy smoker,” he said.

Lohan’s promising career spiraled into a descent of drugs and alcohol, jail time and stints in rehab. She’s currently on probation for taking a $2,500 gold necklace from a Venice, Calif., jewelry store. Lohan’s SNL appearance last night looked as awful as her plastic surgery. What- ever acting talent she once had seemed to vanish as she lackadaisically stumbled through her lines, even though she was obviously reading them off of cue cards.

Looking oddly bloated, Lohan came out for the monologue and addressed her struggles head-on. Everybody here believes in you. We wouldn’t have you back otherwise,” cast member Kristen Wiig said as she hugged Lohan, which then turned into a pat-down. When Lohan asks if she’s being searched, Wiig just says, “No, I’m a lesbian now.” “Been there, done that,” Lohan quipped, in reference to her romance with Samantha Ronson.