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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bo Derek, the sex symbol, reappear after six years in a crime series of CSI: Miami

American film and television actress, model, and sex symbol Bo Derek will at long last come again in a TV series in Sunday's episode of CSI: Miami. The appearence is after 6 years. She will be a guest star in a crime scene as the owner of a horse ranch where a murder has taken place.

ET went to the set of CSI:Miami a little while back to get a behind-the-scenes look at Bo Derek's guest appearance and to hear what the actors thought about it.

"It's great to see how a lot of the crew members are responding because you can tell this was their celebrity crush for their whole lives," actor Omar Benson Miller said. She joined Boomer & Craig on feb 16 morning to promote her upcoming appearance on CBS’s hit drama, ‘CSI: Miami’ and also to confess to the world that she too is suffering from an extreme case of ‘Linsanity’.

Star David Caruso had his share of admiring words to add about Derek as well. "She's a legend," Caruso said. "She is a living legend. [We're acting] here with Bo Derek, and that's a testament to CSI:Miami."

Derek affirmed her decision to make an appearance on CSI as being a "good fit," as the owner of the ranch on which the episode was filmed is her friend whom she sold a horse that she hadn't seen in eight years.
In 2012 she is going to appear in a TV show named "Chuck", Season 5, Episode 10. Bo Derek's guest appearance on CSI:Miami can be seen this Sunday at 10 p.m. on CBS.