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Sunday, June 24, 2012

In his amazing week Justin Bieber, singer and would be actor!, got apology from Letterman

The teen singing sensation Justin Bieber tops the world now as his new album, "Believe," hits the top chart. Bieber is extremely thrilled by the success hid not his feelings before media. The 18 year-old heartthrob told Access Hollywood in New York city, "I feel great. I'm really happy." He told that ahead of his YouTube Q&A with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.

"The album turned out great and the fans love it and the critics love it and everyone's been raving about it. So, it's been an amazing week so far."With the album release, an appearance on "Late Show with David Letterman" and an NBC overseas special, is the superstar feeling the lack of sleep? "No, I don't get tired - I'm actually a robot, so..." he joked. "No, of course I get tired, yeah. I get tired.

"The "Boyfriend" singer is handling the pressure though, keeping his focus on the wealth of opportunities he's been afforded and concentrating on his music. "I'm pretty laid back," he said. 'I try to just take everything day by day and everything happens for a reason." "Believe" - Justin's third studio album - is available in stores now.

Bieber appeared as the guest on The Late Show on Thursday night. In that show celebrated TV host David Letterman, who was trying to persuade the 18-year-old not to have any more skin art after spotting the word 'believe' - the title of Bieber's new album - on the singer's left arm, was forced to apologize to the teenage heartthrob.

Last time Letterman urged his guest, ignoring his being upset, not to transform his body into the Sistine Chapel, which artist Michelangelo covered with paintings.

A chuckling Letterman also poked fun at the singer's education calling it "Canadian high school!" as his studio audience burst into laughter. Clearly upset by the mocking, Bieber continued the interview but said, "If you want me to" when the TV host asked him if he was going to perform on the show as scheduled.

Justin Bieber is thought to appear in a new movie with Mark Wahlberg. Mark says the teen singing sensation is putting a great deal of thought into his possible leap to the big screen. 

"We're just waiting for the script, I've seen 115 pages of it and it's really good," the star said of the untitled Bieber project that he has in development, which he will produce and co-star in, alongside the teen singer.

"It's kind of like the 'Color of Money,' [first you had] Paul Newman and Tom Cruise, and now me and Justin Bieber. It could be very good," Mark explained.

The tattoo "Believe" in left hand
Bieber interviewing John Letterman

Bieber interviewing John Letterman