Monday, July 30, 2012

Schwarzenegger and Shriver still can't sell their Santa Barbara Ranch

Santa Barbara Ranch, California
Ex Mr Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are having a tough time unloading their home–which they put up for sale after their marriage hit the rocks following Arnold’s indescretions. The ex-couple had their Carpinteria,California home on hte market since January.

Maria reportedly thinks they can’t find a buyer because the house has “bad energy”. The power due spent $4.7 million for the 25-acre historic Santa Barbara Ranch Monte Alegro tract. “She thinks the land has bad energy,” a friend of the family said. “Maria’s a very spiritual person and she don’t want any negativity in her life, especially after everything she went through, so she just wants it gone from her life.

The 25-acre property is a historic part of Santa Barbara, boasting such old-Hollywood inhabitants as Clark Gable, John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart, making the $4.495 million asking price seem like a steal. Still, it’s difficult to sell a property when everyone knows its dark backstory, especially when it was formerly owned by someone famous enough to get it in all the tabloids. The “bad energy” is one thing, but lack of privacy is quite another.

Shriver, according to the family friend, is anxious to get the house sold and be done with it, as it’s the remaining piece linking her to Arnold and their marriage. As for Schwarzenegger, he’s got problems elsewhere; the family of a stunt member who died on the set of “The Expendables 2″ is suing the makers of the film for wrongful death, which could throw some bad publicity towards the movie during opening week.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pamela Anderson with Palin, Alley, Fatone etc. back in "Dancing With The Star"

Pamela Anderson is returning to the dance floor for a second shot at the Dancing With The Stars Mirror Ball Trophy. Bristol Palin, actress Kirstie Alley, Joey Fatone and Apolo Ohno are also to compete on the all-star edition of "Dancing with the Stars" in Los Angeles, ABC said.

Last year's (11) runner-up Alley and Baywatch beauty Anderson will face off against 'N Sync's Joey Fatone and 98 Degrees singer Drew Lachey in the upcoming season of the hit U.S. reality show.

Also joining the competition are Sex and the City: The Movie actor Gilles Marini, model Kelly Monaco, and speed skating champion Apollo Ono. Also set to compete on the show this fall are their fellow former contestants Melissa Rycroft, Shawn Johnson, Helio Castroneves, Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith, it was announced Friday.

This year (12), TV bosses invited back the 14 most popular contestants of the past for an all-star special, instead of creating a new line-up of fresh faces like they have in previous seasons.

Viewers will vote on the 13th contestant from among Sabrina Bryan, Carson Kressley and Kyle Massey. The contestant who wins the vote will be announced Aug. 27 on "Good Morning America." The new Dancing With the Stars will premiere on 24 September (12).

Danciing With The Stars contestant

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Audrina Patridge showing off her black and white bikini at Foxwoods Resort

MTV reality series "The Hills" actress American reality television personality, actress, and model Audrina Patridge decided she hadn’t given guys anything to drool over in recent months. MShe was recently seen sporting with a teeny black-and-white bikini at Foxwoods Resort Casino’s “Liquid Sundays” pool party this weekend.

She stepped in front of the camera and smiled. The rest, as they say, is history, though I’m sure history would probably disagree with that sentiment. Still, if you like gawking at pretty girls in bikinis when you should be doing much more productive things with your life, then perhaps the images you see embedded beneath this article are precisely the sort of mind-blowing experience you need this afternoon.

If so, by all means, indulge. However, before skipping over the rest of this text to get to the good stuff, let’s read what Patridge thinks about wearing swimsuits. You know, in general. “I don’t even think twice about wearing a swimsuit because it’s always been a part of my lifestyle,” she explained to Shape magazine last year.

“But I have girlfriends who are so afraid to show their bodies. They won’t take off their towels at the beach or pool. It’s a shame because everyone can look good in a suit.” No, Audrina, they do not. If she saw me in a revealing bathing suit at the beach, chances are she would hand me a towel while curling her lips in a most unattractive manner.

I wish I was joking. My body is a remarkably frightening landscape to behold, and I’m actually okay with that. Oh, wait. Maybe she was just talking about the ladies.

Patridge in Black and white bikini at Foxwoods Resort

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cristen Stewart and Robert Patinson are not getting married soon: Wait

Kristen Stewart is not getting Robert Pattinson so soon. In a new interview with BlackBook magazine for it's September issue, Pattinson shoots down a recent rumor that he and Stewart (his girlfriend of over three years) were tying the knot.

But their relationship is apparently so strong that the report even made Pattinson's own mother believe it! "There was a magazine, with these pictures, saying I was getting married. No one ever knows what is true or what isn't," the Cosmopolis star explains. "Even my own mum called to ask me if it was true."

BlackBook's writer Joshua David Stein, notes, "It's not. At least, not yet." Stein also shares that Pattinson, 26, was pining for Stewart, 22, when he first moved to Los Angeles wrote sad love songs for her. "In fact," Rob says. "I was just trying to rip off Van Morrison."

Pattinson also admits that he's trying to get into better shape and is "on an all-liquid diet." He explains, "I had to be shirtless for a photo shoot, so I asked a nutritionist what's a diet in which you can st."ill drink as much as you want. She said a liquid diet." "I was so impressed with myself yesterday," he shares, "I took a pee that was four minutes long

Another recent accomplishment for the the Twilight heartthrob? BlackBook shares he quit smoking, but now carries around electronic cigarettes. Stewart also recently quit smoking. In May she told MTV News she gave it up, but didn't want to talk about it.

"You can't acknowledge it or else suddenly . . . you can't think about it," she explained, but the live audience cheered her on for kicking the bad habit. Sources told Us Weekly in April that Pattinson was "upset" after photos emerged of him paddleboarding wearing only swim trunks in Malibu.

"He's really insecure about his shirt being off," a source said of the British star. And a source added that he stressed out about his smoking habit, explaining, "He's trying to cut back."

Would be Husband and Wife

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Anne Hathaway passing a good time and enjoys beating up men "a little too much"

The good season celebrating star in both in personal and profetional life Anne Hathaway enjoyed as she says beating up men "a little too much" in 'The Dark Knight Rises' while portraying Catwoman in the Batman movie. The 29-year-old actress plays Catwoman in the Batman movie, and she loved grappling with guys in a more action-packed role than she usually takes on.

Speaking at the European premiere of 'The Dark Knight Rises' at London's Leicester Square last night (18.07.12), she told BANG Showbiz: "Being in the movie was fun because I had to learn to beat up guys - I enjoyed that a little too much."

She has been lately engaged to be married to actor boyfriend Adam Shulman and now she’s earning rave reviews for her performance as the sultry Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, a character she idolised as a child. The film marks the third and final chapter in the epic trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The film is remarkable not merely for the rampant chemistry between Hathaway and Bale, but also for some memorable fight scenes where Hathaway stretches her form-fitting neoprene catsuit to the limit. “It was better for my stress levels to focus on how I felt wearing the catsuit rather than how I looked in it,” explains Hathaway in reference to the ultra-sexy Catwoman costume.

“Although I have to admit that I did train and adhere to a strict diet for ten months!” Stepping into the high heels of Catwoman was both a risk and a potential career-shaping moment for Hathaway. The iconic character was first played by Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt in the original 60s Batman TV series, before Michelle Pfeiffer redefined the role in Batman Returns (1992), directed by Tim Burton.

(Let’s try to forget Halle Berry in the execrable 2004 Catwoman movie.) Hathaway, however, delivers a striking performance as the feline femme fatale. Her Selina Kyle/Catwoman is a delicious anti-heroine who (in keeping with her comic book origins) oscillates between criminal psychopath and comrade of Christian Bale’s Caped Crusader.

Hathaway was recently seen in “One Day” and “Love and Other Drugs,” and previously played in “Rachel Getting Married,” the taut drama which earned her a Best Actress nomination in 2009, and “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006), her biggest box-office success to date.

In her peronal life, Hathaway is very much in love with her fiancé, Adam Shulman, best known for his work in the 2005 TV series American Dreams. Their relationship has helped Hathaway recover from her previous relationship with con man Raffaello Follieri, which ended in 2007.

Anne Hathaway as Cat woman in "The Dark Night Rises"

Cat woman on action bike

Friday, July 20, 2012

'Dark Knight Rises' screening turns into mourning trigger: alerts NYPD

The relatives of victims
A night of new colorfull happy movie screening has become a night of bloody massacre of a masked gunman in Colorado on last Friday. Yes, in the midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" on July 20 and opened fire, killing 12 and wounding approximately 50.

It was shocking news to wake up to, and many in Hollywood took to Twitter to express their condolences for the victims and their families. Actor Chris Evans — no stranger to superhero movies, having played Captain America in both "Captain America: The First Avenger" and "The Avengers" — was clearly distraught by the tragedy.

"What the hell is happening?? my heart is completely shattered. all of my thoughts and prayers are with the people of aurora," he wrote. 

Chris Evans 
@ChrisEvans "what the hell is happening?? my heart is completely shattered. all of my thoughts and prayers are with the people of aurora" 

 Olivia Munn, whose film "Magic Mike" is also in theaters now, echoed Evans' sentiment. "My sincerest condolences to the victims and families in Colorado. So sad, so mindless," she tweeted. "Glee" actor Harry Shum Jr. remembered those affected as well, writing, "My heart goes out to all the victims in Colorado.

The hell fire place
This is just insane." Music's big names also chimed in on the social media site, offering their thoughts and prayers. "Praying for the people of Aurora, Colorado," wrote hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams also expressed her dismay over the tragedy, writing, "In shock reading about what happened at the theater in Aurora, CO... Could have been any of us.

My heart is heavy for everyone affected." Basketballer LeBron James had an even more visceral response to the news, tweeting, "Its just not fair that innocent people have to lose their lives over someone's selfish stupidity acts! My stomach is hurting over this."

Kelly Cutrone wondered what the ramifications of the shooting would be. "Do we need to go through metal detectors just to see a movie - What is happening to our society? Prayers to Colorado and the world," she wrote.

Following this horrific shooting, the NYPD is planning to increase security presence at New York City theaters screening the film.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Halle Berry this time became the victim of her action: Injured

Action Lady in several movies Halle Berry is now a victim of her action. The X-Men, Catwoman and Swordfish star Injured on the Set of Director Brad Anderson’s The Hive. Although numerous precautions are taken to insure the safety of everyone involved, the accident has happened.

While partaking in a fight scene on the set of “Session 9″ director Brad Anderson’s upcoming suspense/thriller “The Hive”, Berry suffered a minor injury, according to the folks over at TMZ. The “Executive Decision” co-star was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center around 10pm on Tuesday night to address the issue, though nothing serious is currently being reported.

Furthermore, Berry’s representative has stated the actress will continue to work on Anderson’s picture, which is good news for the cast and crew, I’m sure. No harm, no foul. The Associated Press has reportedly made several attempts to contact the film’s producers, namely Troika Pictures and WWE Studios, for comment, though no one from either camp has made a statement regarding the matter as of this posting.

In fact, Berry’s spokesperson refused to give the location of the hospital she was admitted to, though, being TMZ, they managed to work around this particular roadblock. Sneaky, sneaky. “The Hive”, which also stars Abigail Breslin, Tara Platt, and Evie Thompson, features Berry as a emergency operator who must confront a sadistic killer from her past in order to save a young girl’s life.

If this particular endeavor is as engaging as Anderson’s previous efforts, audiences can expect something worthwhile. Berry’s last flick, director John Stockwell’s “Dark Tide”, was released in 2011. Look for “The Hive” to drop next year.

Halle Berry in action

Saturday, July 14, 2012

William and Kate Middleton in the Chilean newspaper: but in the grave

William and Kate in the grave alive as if they are willingly doing it for
the very Chilean newspaper

Prince William and Kate Middleton is being burried alive by the ex british singer Amy Winehouse. No this is not the fact. It's a picture circulated by a Chilean newspaper to promote itself: a disturbing and surprising one.

The advertisement of the newspaper raised and still raising lots of criticism around the world. It was made by the giant advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather. The other images include shot Libyan ex president Gaddafi burying dethroned Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in the desert and deceased Apple boss Steve Jobs burying Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

The macabre adverts for El Mostrador show a selection of famous news figures digging shallow graves to bury other famous figures currently in the news. In the first shoddily-Photoshopped image, dead singer Amy Winehouse is seen holding a spade, having dug a grave in which William and Kate, dressed in their wedding outfits, are seen lying.

The adverts shocking tone created by Ogilvy & Mather to gather as much controversy, is really crating controversy and setting surrounding the graves is giving a view that the final judgment day is about to begin.

The second surprise
Jobs Vs Assange

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Justin Bieber is now looking for a new girlfriend sans Selena!

The news that Canadian teen sansation Justin Bieber is losing patience with Selena after she broke plans to go to Mexico with Justin, and their hectic schedules in general are a constant source of tension, they took to prove the ease the confusion coming loudly together. 

Gomez, 19, tweeted a photo of them posing together in Toykyo, Japan on Monday. The couple, who have been publicly dating for more than 16 months, flashed peace signs in front of a colorful mural.

"Hi Japan," she tweeted as the caption. "I heart you." The "Who Says" singer accompanied Bieber, 18, on his tour overseas. The "Boyfriend" singer had a big smile on his face and put his arm around Gomez for the photo op. 

Bieber also shared a photo from a performance in Japan, and tweeted before the show, "Great day exploring in Tokyo. Ready to go hard tomorrow." He added, "This is what it's all about. About to perform for my Japanese fans. The love here has been incredible!"

Sources told Us Weekly last week that the teen superstars' relationship is fine "They are kids. Of course there are times they fight," a Bieber source explained. "Their schedules are the biggest problem. But he is all about her." A Gomez source added, "They always hit small rough patches but then stay together."

Justin Bieber is passing a good time now a days with his new album "Believe." This third album is sold over 374,000 copies in first week's sale after its June 15 release.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Kety Perry, Nicki Minaj and Fergie: in music Judgement

Britney Spears joined "X-Factor" as a judge and that is final. On the other side other singing divas are on a race to show their versatile quality what they think. The divas are Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Fergie and all are in the running to be cast on "American Idol" as judges, according to a report.

Along with the female pop stars, Adam Lambert and are also being considered by "Idol" bosses as new blood for the show, E! online reports. The Web site says that producers want Jennifer Lopez to return as a judge, but she has not committed.

"No one has signed any contracts yet and producers are currently putting out feelers and setting up meetings to see who they can get," an "Idol" insider told E! "We won't know if Randy [Jackson] and Steven [Tyler] are returning until they see who else is on board."

E! reports that "American Idol" brass agree they want Lopez back. But that the singer has said via Twitter she hasn't made up her mind whether she'll return for another season.

Producers of the show, "would like to breathe some new (possibly younger) life into the series to compete with 'X Factor,' which recently cast Britney Spears and Demi Lovato.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Salma Hayek a qeen of Mexican drug: Travolta Drug Enforcement Administration agent

Salma Hayek, the drug queen

Salma Hayek and John Trabolta is working together in the new film "Savages" direceted by Oliver Stone. It is a movie about border-crossing, drug-dealing criminals and it’s got great performances from a beautiful actress and two aforesaid scene-stealing actors. But here they’re the supporting players.

The stars here are Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson. The boys are high-end dope dealers who run afoul of a Mexican cartel; the girl is their shared romance. Sort of “Jules and Jim” — and joints.

In the R-rated flick, the 45-year-old Oscar nominee plays Elena, a "queen" of a Mexican drug cartel that kidnaps a girl named O, played by Blake Lively, who is in a romantic and sexual relationship with two male pot growers, who are friends, portrayed by Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch. Travolta plays a corrupt Drug Enforcement Administration agent in that designed war between marijuana growers and a Mexican drug cartel.

Except that there’s nothing to these people. Lively’s heroine is particularly vapid. (Kidnapped at one point, she whines to her captors that it’d be nice if they gave her some salad once in awhile. Also some marijuana.) Her lovers, if anything, are even less developed, emotionally and dramatically, never moving beyond an initial “He’s the brain/He’s the brawn” setup. Even by the end, Johnson is still a pothead poser, Kitsch a lunkhead loser.

Oddly, though, there’s another trio here — John Travolta, Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro. And they’re terrific. Travolta — minus his toupee, plus some poundage — is a clownishly corrupt DEA agent trying to play several sides at once. Del Toro is a similarly untrustworthy criminal, selling people out compulsively.
And Hayek is absolutely wonderful in a high-camp performance as the millionaire matriarch of a Mexican drug cartel, dripping in diamonds and bullying worthless men with more relish than anyone since Joan Crawford hung up her anklestraps.

These three pros are great, but unfortunately they’re in a different movie. Actually, there are a few different movies in “Savages” and most of them don’t work. There’s that menage-a-trois romance — which never evokes any real romance. And there’s an ugly drug melodrama, complete with chainsaws and literally eye-popping torture scenes.

John Travolta, Salma Hayek and Taylor Kitsch

Salma Hayek, hottest ever

Friday, July 6, 2012

A New chapter, hopefully, in the life of Taylor Swift: new man Patrick Schwarzenegger

A happy moment of Taylor Swift and Patrick's coming close

Ex Mr Universe and Maria Shriver son Patrick Schwarzenegger has likely been booked as a new boyfreind by a Grammy winner 22 year-old singer Taylor Swift. They both are found close to one another on US Independence day and both with Kennedy family in their Cape Cod compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. They also seen having fun, huging one another and having walk together on the beach.

Beginning of what not!

About Taylor Swift and Patrick:
"They are getting to know each other, but she thinks he's cute!" The "Both of Us" singer had been invited the celebrate the national holiday with the political family and several friends, including Glee star Dianna Agron, 26. "She is close with the whole family," the source explains of Swift.

As for Swift and Schwarzenegger? "They are getting to know each other. We will see! But she didn't go there just for him." After sailing in the afternoon July 3, Swift, Agron and the Kennedys -- including Robert Jr., Ethel, Ted and Rory -- spent time on the beach, "playing capture the flag and tag," according to an onlooker, who adds that "they had a bonfire."

"Taylor was taking photos of everyone with a huge camera and Dianna took one of Taylor with Patrick together," the onlooker tells Us. "He kept kicking sand at her and was flirty with her."

Schwarzenegger -- whose mother, Maria Shriver, is the daughter of the late politician Sargent Shriver and his late wife, Eunice Kennedy Shriver -- tweeted that the holiday was "the best 4th of July I could ask for. Hope everyone had a great day!"

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gabrielle Solis on the ABC Eva Longoria dates with Mark Sanchez

Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez

Gabrielle Solis on the ABC Eva Longoria has got a new boyfriend to add to her life and that playtoy is frisky Jest quarterback Mark Sanchez.

But the 37-year-old sexpot and her 25-year-old ball-tosser are going to bizarre lengths to keep their romance on the down low, In Touch reported. Longoria, ex-wife of NBA star Tony Parker, donned a blond wig when the pair partied at Griffou in the West Village last month. “They were laughing and having a great time,” an insider told the magazine.

That’s what an insider of In Touch Magazine is breathlessly reporting after Eva was spotted on June 4 shopping with 25-year-old Mark at a Kings supermarket in Bedminster, N.J. — where the football star has a home: “It looks like they’re testing the waters.”

The next evening, Eva donned a blond wig as she and Mark had dinner and drinks with a group of friends at New York’s Hotel Griffou, where they looked very comfortable with each other, an insider tells In Touch: “They were laughing and having a great time.”

To recap: Sanchez, who guided the Jets to two straight AFC title games before struggling behind a poor offensive line and with petulant, annoying receivers in 2011, has reportedly dated Kate Upton, Meadow Soprano and now Eva Longoria in the last year.

The spitfire actress recently split with 27-year-old Spanish singer Eduardo Cruz, whom she began dating last year. She dumped Parker after she caught him red handed sexting with his friends wife.

Eva and her ex boyfriend spanish singer
Eduardo Cruz

Jessica Conseco is included in Exces in new VH1 reality show "Hollywood Exes"

"Hollywood Exes," the reality show in VH1, includes Jessica Canseco and Nicole Murphy in its list. They including Sheree Fletcher, Andrea Kelly and Mayte Garcia all have one thing in common: they’re all former wives of Hollywood heavy hitters, from sluggers to singers.

Jessica Canseco has joined that group being the divorce of ex-wife of baseboll star Jose Conseco. The exes  Mayte Garcia was married to Prince; Nicole Murphy was married to Eddie Murphy; Andrea Kelly was married to R. Kelly; and Sheree Fletcher married to Will Smith.

In the new VH1 reality show ‘Hollywood Exes,’ which aired its first episode last week, Canseco and the other aforementioned divorcees show the audience what their lives are like after their respective divorces–and how they were able to step out from their husband’s Hollywood-sized shadow and into their own.

“I wanted people to see the real me and who I really am,” Canseco, wife of former MLB slugger Jose Canseco, was quoted as saying by the Daily Beast. “I lived in my husband’s shadow for so long and just wanted something to finally be about me.”

In an interview with MTV News, Garcia, who was married to Prince, explains why she decided to do the show.

“The reason I decided to do the show was, first of all, the castmembers, the women,” Garcia explains. “The idea that was pitched to me was it being about us. Yes, we were married to them, but we’re all individuals. I’m an artist, she’s an artist, she has a business. It’s about showing who we are, so I decided to do it. Especially after meeting [the show's creators], I knew it was going to be good. I’m old enough now to trust my gut.”

The Exes posing in "Hollywood Exes"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tom Cruise, in his 50th birthday, busy in "Oblivion"

"Mission Impossioble" and "Rock of Ages" actor Tom Cruise observes in his 50th birthday Tuesday keeping the feeling of separation with his wife Katie Holmes as she decided to end their five years of Marriage on June 28. But Cruise is not celebrating the anniversary as usual in a party but busy in his new work "Oblivion" as if he is trying to send his past life with Katie Holmes into oblivion. Katie filed official papers in New York but he will now hit back and ask for the proceedings to continue in Los Angeles as that is where the couple are normally based.

He will also ask for joint custody of the couple's six-year-old daughter Suri, despite former 'Dawson's Creek' star Katie requesting she had sole custody of the little girl. A source told website RadarOnline: "Tom will file a response in New York, asking that the divorce proceedings be halted in the Big Apple because California is the proper venue for the matter to proceed. Team Cruise is going to assert that Katie doesn't meet the residency requirements to file in New York, and that both live full time in California, specifically Los Angeles.

"At the same time, Tom will file for divorce in California, and will most request joint custody of Suri. There is absolutely no way that he is going let Katie have sole custody. The lines are being drawn, and this is going shape up to be a very contentious custody battle."

Katie - who has spent a the majority of her time over the past few months living in the couple's New York home with Suri - is thought to have filed the papers in New York because she had a better chance of gaining sole custody of Suri, 6.

However, Tom - who also has two children, Isabella, 18, and 17-year-old Connor, with ex-wife Nicole Kidman - will claim Katie, 33, has no legal right to want the proceedings to happen in New York.

The source added: "Tom's lawyers will state in their response to Katie's divorce petition in New York that she didn't reside continuously in New York for a year, as the law states. Yes, they do have a home in New York, but Tom will argue that Los Angeles is where they live, period."

The couple married in Italy in November 2006 and despite the 49-year-old star recently claiming how happy they were, sources say Katie had been wanting to end the marriage for months. They claimed she had grown tired of his "suffocating" behavior and was worried about raising their daughter in the controversial religion of Scientology, which counts Tom as one of its biggest followers.

A happy moment in Katie and Cruise's life