Friday, April 6, 2012

Tiki Barber is now free to have his mistress: divorce being finalised with Ginny

Tiki Barber with her mistress Traci Lynn Johnson

Tiki Barber, Former New York Giants running back and his now ex-wife Ginny Barber have finally reached a divorce settlement which was a bitter one for themselves and their fans. Fox Sports reports that the Tiki and Ginny now have 60-days to turn in the settlement to the court. Once the papers are in Tiki will be free to marry his 24-year-old fiance Traci Lynn Johnson.

The ex-Giants star was slapped with divorce papers in 2010 after he was seen gallivanting around town with his then-23-year-old mistress — while his pregnant wife, Ginny Barber, spent a week in the hospital. At the time Barber was an NBC "Today" correspondent. The Daily Mail reports that ABC fired Tiki for breaching the morality clause in his $300,000 contract.

Tiki and Ginny had two sons together during their marriage. Shortly after Ginny filed for divorce, she gave birth to two twin girls.

Tiki has been planning on marrying Traci for the last year but the wedding was put on hold until the divorce was finalized. It isn’t clear what Tiki will have to give in the divorce settlement but Ginny’s attorney Nancy Chemtob said that the issues have been “settled” and that “everything is resolved.”

At the time of the divorce, Tiki said that he didn’t have the money to pay Ginny’s alimony. Last year Tiki Barber tried to return to the NFL but couldn’t find a team that was interested in signing him to a contract.

Traci Lynn Johnson was former NBC intern  who posed in her skivvies for Maxim in 2011. The new couple planned to be married this spring but had to put the wedding on hold when the Barbers went to war over money.

Tiki Barber leaving this sweet family

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